Why is a man in Italy using a washing machine?

A man in the southern Italian city of Genoa is apparently using a machine that he claims is “really useful”.

The man is reportedly using the machine at the front of the hotel, where he claims to have been staying in order to clean his room, but is being filmed by security camera.

The video shows the man using the cleaning machine as a toilet, but the cleaning was not completed as the door closed.

The man, who is wearing a grey shirt and blue jeans, says: “I can’t believe that this is a washing system at the hotel.”

He then turns around and leaves the room, saying: “Maybe this machine can help me get clean in the morning.”

“I’m still cleaning in my room,” he adds, before returning to the hotel to clean up.

However, the video shows that the machine is not actually cleaning the room.

The cleaning machine is also not connected to the internet.

The hotel’s manager, Giancarlo Raffaelli, has also claimed the machine works and that it’s working as advertised.

“It’s a good cleaning machine,” he told local media.

“We have to get used to the washing machine, as it can sometimes cause some problems.”

However, a hotel spokesman said that they had never heard of the man’s claims, and that he had not been seen in the hotel.

“The cleaning system in our hotel does not have the capability to remove dirt, which is why we are taking this situation very seriously,” he said.

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