Why does this car vacuum cleaner cost $2,000?

After being stuck in a traffic jam for about 20 minutes, a car vacuum cleaning service worker decided to do what he could to make his commute a little less stressful.

A video posted on YouTube shows a car cleaning worker using his dental brush to clean his vehicle.

The video was taken on February 23, 2018.

He says in the video that the air in the car smelled a little bit different than normal.

The worker says he took the vacuum cleaner out of his car and turned on a few different air cleaners, then cleaned the car and left it to dry.

When he was finished, he took a bottle of air freshener and started spraying the air freshening solution onto the car, while holding it in place.

As the cleaning began, the car started to feel slightly hot.

The car vacuum wasnt completely dry, but it wasnt wet either.

At that point, the driver and passenger in the other car were able to smell the air.

A passerby noticed the cleaner and asked if it was okay to touch it.

After a brief conversation, the cleaning service man explained that the car wasnt dry and the air wasnt coming out of it, but the air cleaner did have a small amount of water leaking out.

The driver and the passenger got out of the car to get it cleaned.

The cleaning man said he had the cleaner in hand and that he wasnt going to touch the cleaner, but said he was glad he did.

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