Why are so many dog owners using dog-friendly carpet cleaners?

Some people think dog owners should be using cleaner on their carpets, but that’s just not true.

A study by the Institute for Humane Studies found that dogs use carpet cleaners that are much cleaner than other cleaners, and that they are much less likely to have any type of microbial growth on them.

And they’re also less likely than humans to have bacteria, such as E.coli or Pseudomonas.

And the most important thing, they’re less likely.

The study also found that dog owners were less likely, on average, to use dog-safe cleaners.

Why is this?

According to a study by The Associated Press, the reason for this may be due to the chemicals found in some dog carpet cleaners, which are known to cause allergic reactions in pets.

That said, other research has shown that these chemicals don’t cause health problems in dogs, and the AP report says that it’s not clear if the chemicals actually increase the risk of allergic reactions.

More from Smithsonian.com: The best places to find dog foodIn a study published in the journal Science Advances, researchers from Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania found that the number of times a person was exposed to a pet-safe cleaner increased with how often their pet chewed their carpet.

And it increased even more when they ate a meal.

The researchers say they can’t rule out that there’s some kind of genetic or environmental effect on how these cleaners react with the human body, but they believe that the increased exposure is more likely due to these types of cleaners being more expensive.

More from Smithsonian: The most popular food of 2017So far, we’ve covered some of the most common pet products and the ingredients that go into them.

Now it’s time to tackle the next most popular pet products, which might have a big impact on your dog’s diet.

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