Why are carpet cleaners not safe for children?

Parents and caregivers of children with developmental delays should keep in mind the risks of carpet cleaning, experts say.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have both issued warnings to parents and caregivers about the risk of carpet cleaner ingestion and contact with the mouth, ear, nose, and throat of a child with developmental delay.

The CDC states that carpet cleaners may cause respiratory irritation, especially if used with oxygen, in the child.

The CDC advises using cleaners in confined spaces or places that children are unlikely to play, such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

If you have concerns, contact your health care provider or the National Poison Control Center.

The NIH warns that carpet cleaner can be absorbed into the bloodstream and cause respiratory and gastrointestinal problems in adults.

The agency recommends using cleaners that are safe for people with developmental disabilities, and advises parents to thoroughly clean their child’s home after using them.

While carpet cleaners are a great alternative to regular cleaners, some may not be as safe as they should be.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been warning for years about the dangers of using carpet cleaners.

The FDA says it has received numerous reports of children who have swallowed carpet cleaners or who have had contact with them that resulted in severe illness, death, or permanent harm.

In an advisory to parents, the FDA warns that, if carpet cleaners become contaminated with bacteria, they could cause serious health problems.

The warning was issued in response to a case in which a 7-year-old child who had a severe respiratory illness from carpet cleaner contamination in his home developed pneumonia and later died.

The FDA says that it will continue to monitor the safety of carpet cleaners and the communities where they are used and recommend appropriate precautions when children are in proximity to them.

For more information on carpet cleaners, visit the FDA’s website.

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