When you buy a car seat, you pay a price

CARS — The first time you put one on, you probably won’t even know you’re wearing one.

But a recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that when you buy your first car seat from a manufacturer, you’re paying more than twice as much as when you pay the same price from a trusted brand.

The survey, which was conducted for Car Seat Headers, found that the price of car seats was twice as expensive as it was when the brand-name brand was used.

In all, more than 1,200 consumers responded to the survey.

The results were released Thursday by Car Seat Heads, the largest car seat maker in the U.S.

The CDC survey revealed that the average cost of the first carseat purchase from a brand-named brand was $1,569.

The survey also found that those consumers were paying a whopping $1.8 million more per year than their peers.

Car Seat Headings is one of the largest auto-seat manufacturers in the world.

The company sells products including seat covers, seat belts, air bags and child seats.

It also sells a range of car seat accessories, including car seat filters, car seat covers and car seat inserts.

In addition to its primary product, Car Seatheads sells car seat cleaning products and car seats for children.

The company also sells seat cleaning kits and carseat accessories.

The research comes as the Centers say car seats have a higher rate of head injuries than other safety equipment.

More than 50% of people who use car seats each year fall in the category of injury, according to the CDC.

That number rose from about 22% in 2007.

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