When it comes to cleaning teeth, Swedish death cleaning can be messy

The death of Swedish dental student Olga-Lena Hjartansson is just one example of the problems that come with cleaning your teeth.

Dr Hjertansson died of complications from dental caries in August 2016.

She had been living in Stockholm for a number of years and had been working as a dental assistant in her spare time.

Dr Haider Jahanbari, a dentist at Stockholm University Hospital, told news.com .com.a that dental carious is a condition that causes your teeth to lose their natural colour and are grey or black.

Dr Jahanbhari said there were many possible causes for this condition, but it was most common when your teeth are growing in too big a gap.

“When your teeth grow, they don’t need to be as wide as they are,” he said.

“It’s just natural to expect the gaps to get wider and wider and it will be the result of that growth that causes the caries.”

Dr Jahnbhari, who is also a member of the Swedish dental team, said there is currently no cure for carious but that it is a common condition that can be treated.

He said the Swedish team was now focusing on treating dental caria through the use of fluoride.

“We are using fluorides in our dental treatments and we are also using caries prevention measures,” he explained.

“Dental caries is not really a problem in Sweden because the population has been fluoridated and they have been using this for about 20 years.”

But in general it is still a problem, and we have to keep working with dental carie patients and with people living with dental disease in general.

“Swedish researchers have been working on developing a new treatment to treat dental cariocaries for many years, but they are still waiting for results from a clinical trial.

The Swedish team is currently looking for patients aged 18 to 85, who have had carious symptoms in the past 12 months, and are looking for people who have recently had caries.

Dr Giorgija Biska, a clinical researcher in preventive medicine at Stockholm Medical School, said that the treatment has been effective in treating dental decay.”

In Sweden, caries can be caused by any number of factors, such as poor hygiene, dental hygiene, or poor diet,” he told news “It can also be caused as a result of dental trauma or a carious lesion,” he added.”

The treatment for dental carias is very effective.

It is a very simple, safe treatment and it can help prevent dental cariaty.

“Our results show that there is no benefit to using fluoride as a treatment for caries, and this is important for the general public.”

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