What to know about the ultrasonic tooth cleaning bill and how it will affect you

By BRIAN TURNERPublished May 12, 2017 12:15:47A bill to allow the sale of ultrasonic cleaning products passed the Michigan House on Tuesday, but opponents say it will cost consumers more than they were hoping for.

Republican Sen. Jim Tomes said he has a bill to add the state to a growing list of states that have banned the use of ultrasonics, a term for products that emit sound at up to 15 times the speed of sound.

The legislation would let businesses that sell ultrasonic products sell their wares for $1 per hour.

It would also allow people to charge $1 a day for cleaning services.

The bill passed easily with no Democratic support.

Tomes’ bill would be one of a growing number of bills banning the use, manufacture or sale of “sound emitting” products, or SEMA.

In 2018, a similar bill passed the House but died in the Senate, after a number of amendments were tabled.

Tome said the bill was aimed at protecting Michigan residents from being “hijacked” by the technology.

It comes amid a nationwide debate about whether the technology is safe for consumers and how the technology will impact their health and safety.

The bill is part of a broader package of legislation that would allow manufacturers and sellers of the most widely used ultrasonic tools to sell products without any federal or state licenses, which would make it difficult for states to regulate them.

It also would allow for manufacturers and distributors to sell the technology at lower prices than existing products.

Tames’ bill also would require the sale and distribution of products made by companies that make ultrasonic equipment.

He said the legislation is intended to protect consumers and prevent the misuse of the technology and the cost of maintaining it.

Republican Rep. Dave Loesch said the Michigan Senate’s bill would not prevent the state from passing a law that protects consumers from being duped by the new technology.

The House bill was approved by a voice vote Tuesday and was referred to the full House, where the final version could be introduced before the Legislature returns to session in May.

The Michigan House also approved a bill that would ban certain industries and people from using the technology in a way that violates the state’s consumer protection laws.

The measure was passed unanimously.

House Speaker Mark Schauer said the bills are an important step in protecting the safety of consumers.

“I am pleased that our House and Senate have reached a common understanding and agree that our goal is to protect Michigan consumers from these harmful, illegal practices,” Schauer wrote in a statement.

Toms, who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee, said the House bill will help Michigan meet the national demand for more than 4 million of its 1.2 million total jobs.

“The U.S. is a major manufacturing hub for Michigan, and we are a nation of innovators,” he said.

“I am proud of the efforts our state has made in recent years to increase economic growth in the state, and this bill will bring Michigan closer to the world.”

Tomes, who is a Republican, said his bill is not aimed at eliminating the use or manufacture of ultrasound, but instead is aimed at encouraging consumers to use safer, more effective ways to clean their homes.

“We want to make sure that Michigan residents have a level playing field in the marketplace, so we’re trying to make it clear to consumers that they have the ability to choose the best product for them,” he told the AP.

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