Wall Street wants ‘a clean bill of health’ after Trump’s ‘shameful’ move

NEW YORK — The Wall Street Journal has asked President Donald Trump’s transition team to provide “a detailed plan” for how the president will address his “shamefully and repeatedly” controversial executive orders, including one that would bar people from entering the United States from six Muslim-majority countries.

The newspaper said Trump has promised to “end the era of sanctuary cities,” an effort to shield citizens of the six countries from being deported.

The president has been criticized for using the term to describe a policy he says is aimed at protecting Americans from terrorism.

The Journal said Trump’s team should explain how he plans to ensure the “rule of law” is maintained in his administration, and “how he plans, and will continue to ensure, that he retains his ability to enforce the law.”

The paper also said Trump “is likely to pursue the executive order by executive order,” and that he should not be “forced to use the legislative process.”

Trump has faced criticism for the order, which sparked protests in several cities, and has been accused of politicizing immigration to punish the Muslim world.

Trump’s administration said in a statement Friday that the president is committed to “ending the era” of sanctuary city policies, which are designed to protect immigrants from deportation and deny them benefits.

“This executive order is a sham, it is a political statement and it is not a necessary step to fulfill the president’s promise to end the era that has been underway since his inauguration,” the statement said.

Trump has used the term “sanctuary cities” to describe policies designed to shield people from deportation, but critics say he is trying to create a blanket ban.

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