US firms’ spending on carpet cleaners has nearly doubled in the last year as companies struggle with supply and demand

Cleaning services firms have invested more than $4 billion in a new program to boost supply and reduce demand, according to a report released Wednesday by a group of cleaning companies. 

The U.S. and other countries have struggled with a supply shortage and an increasingly expensive manufacturing process for cleaning materials.

The U.K.-based Cleaning Systems, which operates in 20 countries, has spent $4.7 billion on cleaning products, including cleaning products for carpet cleaners and other cleaning products.

Its investments are on par with those of its competitors, according the report.

The company said it has also invested $5.7 million in a product line of cleaning products that it hopes to launch this year.

In the last fiscal year, Cleaning systems invested $1.6 billion, including $400 million to expand and expand its product lines.

Cleaning systems is also working on a product that could be a hit with customers, with a plan to sell a product this year for $1,000 a unit.

It has also bought up cleaning products at retail outlets in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, which has also helped it meet demand, the report said.

China is the biggest market for cleaning products in the U.Y.C. region, with companies spending more than three times as much on the industry as the U,K., according to the report, which was prepared by a U.N. committee of the U.,K., U.A., Japan and U.P. countries.

According to the study, the U.-based company has invested $8.3 billion in cleaning products and services.

It has about 70,000 employees in the region, including 15,000 in the United States.

This is an update of an earlier report that was published on Dec. 9, 2018.

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