TV screen cleaner machine sold for £1.5m after being ‘dislodged’ by internet buyer

A TV screen cleaning machine sold by a UK internet buyer has been removed from sale after a customer refused to accept a receipt for a receipt of a “dislodge” transaction.

The cleaning machine, which has a 5-year warranty, was advertised for sale online by a British man in July last year.

It was listed for £750.

It was sold by an unnamed buyer on a UK site.

However, the buyer declined to accept the receipt, instead asking for the “dissolved” amount to be sent to him.

The seller then sent the “undissolve” amount, which was not a receipt, back to the buyer’s address.

This prompted the buyer to send a letter to the seller, asking for a refund, and to “ask him to contact us to get a receipt.”

However, the seller said in his letter that he was unable to find a receipt and had sent it back to his home.

The letter also included an invoice of £6,000, which the seller had refused to return.

The buyer then sent a letter requesting a refund of £4,000.

The sale was suspended by the seller.

However, he did not return the letter until two weeks later, saying he was “sick and tired” of the seller’s behaviour.

A customer contacted the seller on Wednesday, asking to return the machine.

The seller then posted an advertisement for the machine, asking “what do you want?” to which the customer responded “a TV screen” with a photo of the screen on it.

The buyer responded that he wanted to “dismantle” the machine and “go shopping”.

The buyer then replied that the machine was “in good condition” and said it was “not going anywhere” because “it is a TV screen.”

The buyer replied that he had not “received a receipt” and sent the machine back.

The auctioneer then put up the “Dislodging machine” for sale on the British auction site Gumtree.

The item, which sells for £2,800, has a five-year guarantee and is said to have a “free return policy”.

The seller, who did not want to be named, told News24: “I am not going to say anything to the customers.

I will tell them that I have had a few problems with this machine in the past but I have found a way to deal with it.”

The seller said the buyer would “try and get a refund” if he did “not want the machine”.

However, that is not in the seller “best interest”, he added.

The UK Auctioneer Service said in a statement: “It is important that the buyer understands that he is purchasing a product that is subject to a five year warranty and is not covered by a resale guarantee.

This is the reason why the buyer must take the time to verify the product and make sure that the seller is not a reseller.”

A spokesperson for the eBay UK said: “As we are always looking for ways to improve our services and processes, we are working to bring these types of situations under control.”

Any buyer who has concerns about this sale should contact us and we will investigate the situation and work with them to find the best course of action for them.

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