When it comes to cleaning teeth, Swedish death cleaning can be messy

The death of Swedish dental student Olga-Lena Hjartansson is just one example of the problems that come with cleaning your teeth.Dr Hjertansson died of complications from dental caries in August 2016.She had been living in Stockholm for a number of years and had been working as a dental assistant in her spare time.Dr Haider Jahanbari,

How to Get Rid of Fireplace Cleaning Mistakes and Fireplace Laundry Laundries

Swedish death cleaning cleaning specialist Helle Molling says that the best way to clean your house is with a little house cleaning, and she has plenty of recommendations for cleaning your house.“If you’ve got a bad air conditioner, and you’ve not got a good heating system, you can’t afford to buy a new one,” she

Why Swedish funeral cleaning company won’t let you clean your cremains

Sweden has banned funeral cleaning companies from cleaning cremains.The move comes after Swedish funeral home Avis Furniture, which specializes in cremains, had to pull out of the country.Avis’ head of funeral business, Peter Rydgren, says they’re not sure why Avis was excluded from the ban.“It’s not a technicality, it’s a matter of business ethics,” Rydstrom

How to fix your dry cleaning problem

By Dan Le BatardSunshine cleaning is an art that takes a while to master.For many people, it can feel like an endless cycle of repetitive scrubbing.But for others, it’s just as important as regular laundry, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.They found that the practice is especially

The world’s cheapest and most popular cleaning tools

A cleaner is just one of the many gadgets you’ll be able to get for free at the London Eureka Hotel.The hotel’s own cleaners are also on sale, as are the ones from a number of other hotels, including the Red Bull and The Sheraton.The cleaners come in various prices, with the cheapest costing £2.49,

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