‘Pleasantly Disgusting’ A man’s ‘Pillow Fight’ video shows a man taking pills and using a toilet as a human shield to shield himself from attackers

This disturbing video shows the man taking a pill, putting it on his forehead and holding it in place while his attacker, who is also a woman, kicks him in the groin.

The attacker then proceeds to kick the woman in the crotch.

The video, which has gone viral, has sparked outrage and disgust.

As the woman is being kicked in the back, the man can be seen using his left hand to wipe the dirt from the man’s pants, but then using his right hand to cover his crotch and wipe his blood.

The woman, who calls herself Tia, tells The American Council for Capital and Opportunity, a nonprofit group that has taken a stand against the assault, that she was assaulted on the street, but does not identify the attacker.

She says she is being targeted because she is transgender and that her attackers are her peers.

Tia told The American Conservatives that the assault happened on Feb. 3 when she was walking down a busy street.

The attackers had been harassing her for two days.

“I was walking with my friends,” Tia said.

“They were going to a party with friends and they wanted to celebrate and they started getting into a fight.

They were arguing about who should be the next person to come to the party.

I said, ‘Why don’t you guys go back to your houses, so you can go back home?’

I told them I had to go back because I was going to my boyfriends house and I wanted to have a drink with him.”

When she got to her boyfriends, the assailants allegedly said, “You’re not going to have my drinks,” and threw her onto the ground.

She told The Christian Science Monitor that she “felt really uncomfortable and I was like, ‘No, I’m not going home.’

So I started to go over to the corner, and then they grabbed me and threw me over there.

I’m like, Oh my God, I don’t know what to do.”

Tia then called the police, and the officers responded to her call.

According to The American council, Tia’s assailants are male, but she does not know their genders.

Tia said that her attacker is still in her home and that she does know who the perpetrators are.

“It’s hard to explain because they’re so aggressive and aggressive and angry,” she said.

She is hoping that the attack will be reported to the local police department.

While many transgender people are not violent, Tias experience with her attackers made her want to do more to protect herself.

“I’m not doing it to be violent, I was doing it because I didn’t want them to harm me,” she told The Associated Press.

“I was doing this because I felt like they were going after me for something.”

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