Irish car makers take aim at US cleaner after complaints of car-wash complaints

Irish carmakers are taking a harder line on car-washing complaints after a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that about three-quarters of people who had been cited for having the wrong cleaner were given a clean car, a spokesman for one of the car companies said.

“We have been advised that many of these complaints are being investigated,” he said.

Irish car manufacturers say there is a strong culture in the industry about cleaning cars, particularly on public roads, and that it is important to have a positive experience for people, especially the elderly.

“We want to be a safe place to go on public transport,” said Paul O’Donnell, managing director of the Irish-based Lidl Group.

“If you want to clean your car, you have to get a good experience.”

Mr O’Neill said that in recent years he has heard from people who were shocked when they discovered that their car was not clean, or even that the cleaning was not done by a professional.

He said that after the report was released last month, Lidls customers began complaining to them about the cleaner they had purchased.

The NHTSA found that almost a quarter of the complaints that were filed with the manufacturer concerned cars with a “lid” which means that there is more than one cleaner on the vehicle.

Mr O’Brien said the company was working to address the problem, and had recently launched a programme of training for staff and customers on how to spot problems with cleaning.

As part of this we have made a number of improvements to our customer care team to ensure that complaints are dealt with in a positive and courteous manner.”

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