How to Remove Garbage and Stains from Your Garbage Truck

The garbage truck has been a staple in the city for years.

Its a popular spot to dump, dump, and dump, often in the dead of winter.

But recently, it has become a target for street cleaners who are using it to remove garbage and dirt from their yards.

But some city officials worry that the truck is also a source of pollution and that it is causing the city’s sewer system to deteriorate.

This is what happened to me this past weekend, a reporter from Inside Edition asked a city official. 

When we got back to the truck, we saw it had a leak in the roof.

The sewer line was leaking and there was garbage everywhere.

 The official told Inside Edition that a worker had put a pipe under the garbage truck to stop the leak and to keep it from getting into the sewers.

But after a week, the leak had completely sealed up and the sewer line had become contaminated.

It was so bad that the sewer had to be shut down for weeks.

The garbage truck is a great source of trash.

It is often left at the curb, which is a common place to dump it, and there are other ways to dispose of it.

But the city has a long-standing problem with the garbage trucks.

The city recently passed a bill to install an automatic garbage collector.

But, because of the truck’s location, it is impossible to monitor how much garbage is being picked up and disposed of. 

I’m still not convinced the garbage collector is the answer, but I am getting closer to finding out.

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