How to clean keurigs after the weather

Home cleaning and other home-care services are increasingly being offered by the city of Calgary.

With the temperatures now reaching their peak, residents are turning to the city’s community-owned Kew Garden Center for the freshest solutions.

The Kew Gardens are owned and operated by Kew Homes, a charity which provides services for people with disabilities.

The centre has been operating since 2008.

Kew Gardens spokesperson Erin Gorman said the facility’s mission is to help the citys residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors and to reduce the number of people with mental illness.

Gorman said there are several services available, including an indoor cleaning service, the installation of personalised kettles, an air freshener and a shower room for cleaning and washing dishes.

“We provide people with a clean environment and the ability to do a lot of the things they enjoy in their own home,” she said.

Germans Kew garden is located in the heart of the city, just a short walk from the downtown core.

In an interview with CBC News, resident Mary Lou was aghast at the suggestion that the facility is a kiddie pool.

“It’s not a kiddy pool,” she told CBC News.

“I mean it’s a really nice indoor space.”

Lou said she’d like to see the Kew Centre’s outdoor space expanded.

“Maybe they could have a kennel in there and a pool there,” she added.

The public is also keen to know what other facilities exist in Calgary and whether they offer services that can be done indoors.

In a statement to CBC News in November, Kew said it’s not available to offer services indoors.

“Kew Garden and its facilities are currently available for people to clean and sanitise in the K-8 school, the Keg, the indoor garden, the outdoor garden, and the outdoor water fountain,” the statement read.

“Kew’s outdoor services are available in a variety of outdoor areas such as the outdoor kitchen, the backyard garden and the kennels.”

Kew told CBC Calgary it’s currently in the process of purchasing a new water faucet to replace one that expired in 2017.

Keegan Kew owner Mary Lou is concerned about the growing number of visitors to her Kew Greenway.

Lou said her goal is to continue the Kews mission of keeping residents in touch with their neighbourhoods.

“The citys needs are very high and I think it’s good to be able to have these facilities where people can come and experience the city for themselves,” she explained.

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