Aussie company makes ‘cleansing’ cleaner

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Anal cleaning is a new trend in Canada and is getting a lot of attention.

A company called BlueLift is hoping to change that.

“It’s an innovative product that cleans up anal areas, it’s a really simple product and it’s made with high quality ingredients that are very affordable,” said CEO Dan Rieger.

The product is a simple device that is inserted into your anus.

It works by taking the water and nutrients that are in your body and releasing them out of your body.

“So the product that we’ve developed is actually a small bottle with a very small hole that you fill it with water and it releases all the bacteria and viruses that are living in your anus and out,” said Riegers.

The company sells about 600 bottles and it works for the average person.

“The product itself is actually pretty safe and we believe it’s safe and the bacteria that are inside the bottle will not harm you,” said the CEO.

The device was developed from scratch.

It took a couple of years of testing to find the best ingredients to make it work.

“Basically what we did is we looked at everything that we could think of that was available and then we used that as a base to design the product,” said Mr Riegel.

The manufacturer also sells a different product called anal cleaning cloth.

“We’ve actually tested all of those different products that we make and we have a really good track record of delivering what we believe to be the best products for the price point,” said Dario Pascual.

“I think what you have to understand, the people who are buying anal cleaning are not necessarily anal consumers, they’re looking for something that’s really simple to use, and that they can do on their own and that’s what we are doing here,” said Pascalt.

Mr Rieggers said the idea of cleaning anal areas is not new.

“You have anal cancer and you’re just concerned about it and you go out and you get it cleaned, and the problem is, you’ve got to do it again,” said his CEO.

“And you’ve also got to clean the area where you’ve been and the area you’ve left it, and then you’ve had to clean that area again, and so that’s why I think that people are getting into this and I think it’s just a really exciting product to be part of,” he said.

The BlueLifts brand has been around for more than a decade and the company has sold more than 400,000 units.

The products were first launched in the US last year and are now being rolled out to other countries.

BlueLift says the product is not a replacement for a doctor’s visits or a proper diagnosis.

“These are things that people really need to get checked out, and this is a product that can be used to really help people with anal cancer,” said a BlueLifter spokesperson.

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